Poultry Feeds:                                                                                                                      

Only feeds in BOLD are currently stocked, if you require a particular item please contact us using the details on the Home page and we can add anything from a single bag to an entire pallet to the next order for you.

For nutritional values visit www.garvo.eu or email us with your query.


 Chicken Scratch I (fine) 20kg10.60
 Chicken Scratch II 20kg9.80
704 Mixed Corn Special - AVAILABLE SOON
 Mixed Corn Special 5kg3.50
5141 Mixed Corn with Cracked Maize 20kg8.20
5145 Mixed Corn with Cracked Maize and Sunflowerseed 20kg8.80
5151 Mixed Corn (with Whole Maize) 20kg8.40
4133 Mixed Corn without Barley 20kg8.40
4140 Mixed Corn with Seashells 20kg8.50
 5012 Chick Starter Minipellets (2mm) 20kg10.20
501205 Chick Starter Minipellets (2mm) 5kg3.50
5014 Chick Starter Mash 20kg10.20
501405 Chick Starter Mash 5kg3.50
731 Layers Pellets (complete) 20kg8.50
73105 Layers Pellets (complete) 5kg3.50
730 Layers Mash (complete) 20kg8.50
73005 Layers Mash (complete) 5kg3.50
5030 Scratcher Layers Pellets (complete) 20kg8.00
5033Farmyard Mixture (Pellets, Corn and Seashells)
 20kg 11.50

Fancy Poultry:

701 Fancy Chick Starter Mash 20kg10.80
702 Fancy Chick Starter Minipellets (2mm) 20kg11.00
714 Fancy Young Hens Grower Pellets 20kg10.00
715 Fancy Young Hens Grower Mash
723 Fancy Cockerel Grower Pellets 20kg11.00
716 Fancy Chicken Breeder Mash 20kg10.50
717 Fancy Chicken Breeder Pellets

Chicken Menu:

107508Alfastart Chicks800g
108040Alfamix Chicken
105540Alfamix Chicks4kg 5.50
107006Chicken Treats800g 2.95

For Duck, Goose, Turkey, Partridge, Pheasant and Quail Feeds please select

'Waterfowl and Fancy Birds'.

For Ratite (Rheas, Emus and Ostriches) Feeds please select

'Horses, Cattle, Pigs, Goats, Sheep, Other'.